Boyer Chiropractic and Wellness Center utilizes the Gonstead Technique of chiropractic, which  represents the ultimate standard in “hands on” spinal adjusting and remains the leader in chiropractic techniques. Each treatment plan we create is as unique as you. The goal of a Gonstead practitioner is to get a patient back on the road to health as quickly as possible and then leave the patient alone.


Massage is considered to be among the oldest of all treatments used by man and woman and it’s a holistic approach of touch to education of the client and the therapist, to empower. Each session as an opportunity of harmony and balance of the body, mind and spirit. Massage therapy has many benefits including reduce pain, improve healing, aid in a more restful sleep, reduction in stress, and so much more.


Health coaching using  functional Medicine is a fundamental way of looking at health. It can involve functional laboratory assessments and interpretations that identify malfunctions and look for “healing opportunities” at the root of most common health complaints. Treatment plans are made for each individual and include diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and supplementation recommendations. Our health coaching services embrace metabolic individuality and provide a step-by-step method that allows anyone to achieve repeatable, consistent and successful clinical outcomes.

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