dōTERRA Bergamot

If keeping up with summer tasks is bringing you anxious feelings, we have an oil for that! dōTERRA Bergamot is a citrus oil with a light floral scent. It is unique because of its uplifting and calming properties. These unique properties make it ideal to help ease anxious or nervous feelings.

“Start your day feeling calm and free of stress by diffusing dōTERRA Bergamot essential oil. Not only does the oil promote a calm, serene atmosphere, but it is also purifying for the skin, which is why many massage professionals use Bergamot oil. If you want to use Bergamot oil for a foot massage at home, use a carrier oil or dilute with dōTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil for best results.”

To enjoy all the benefits of dōTERRA Bergamot visit the product spotlight page here.