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Optimizing your immune system naturally

Keeping you and your family healthy this time of year can seem like a daunting task. We are exposed to many environmental threats and it doesn’t help that the media propels fear based information and if we are not careful it can easily creep into our mindsets.

Remember getting sick is a natural response to viruses and bacteria in the body. The more that we get a cold or virus and get over it with natural support, the stronger our immune systems can be in the long run. 

Check this article out on our family wellness routine and the easy ways you can protect yourself. 

How to optimize your immune system naturally so that it is protected from anything the season throws at you

Here are a few of our favorite wellness routines, including the one we use with our children and ourselves daily. CONSISTENCY IS KEY! 


1. Eliminate Sugar/ Eat Healthy Food/Stay hydrated:

Try to stay away from processed sugar during the winter season. It’s definitely not easy, but sugar depletes your immune system because viruses and bacteria (not to mention cancer cells) actually live off of sugar. Eliminating sugar will help starve them. This is the foundation of health! Eat real food –  organic meat and veggies, drink bone broth and plenty of clean water. Adding doTERRA citrus oils to your water is an easy way to boost your immune system as well as staying hydrated!


2. Take Buffered Vitamin C & Vitamin D3 daily: 

A daily dose of this does the body good and I am not talking about a daily glass of orange juice (sugar)! Plus most of the Vitamin C that is found on the market are chewables and gummies that are full of sugar.  My girls and I take this highly absorbable form every day from Nutritional Frontiers. I recommend 1 to 3 grams a day.


Vitamin D3 has been studied extensively and been proven to be extremely helpful in boosting your immune system during this time of the year when natural sun exposure is not consistent.  I recommend at least 5000IU daily.  My favorite is Super K+ from Nutritional frontiers that also has K2 and Vitamin A included which increases the absorbability of the Vitamin D3.


3. Use Essential Oils :

Research has proven that doTERRA essential oils can help keep those environmental threats at bay.  


Top Immune Boosting Oils:

OnGuard Protective Blend- Extremely effective at slowing down and killing many types of environmental threats. The oils below are all found in doTerra OnGuard blend. 


Cinnamon Bark




Tea Tree

Wild Orange


I recommend 2-4 drops daily either taken internally or applied topically on your feet.   For more convenience, take our OnGuard Plus gel capsules 1-2x’s daily. 



Keeping the air in your home free of bacteria and viruses is paramount to your health. Diffuse your favorite oils (especially OnGuard) daily to purify and cleanse the air as well as boost your immune system. 


4. Run a Whole House Humidifier: 

Research also shows running a humidifier in your home is great at helping prevent you from getting sick because higher humidity levels have been proven to kill off viruses. It’s also beneficial for maintaining healthy and moisturized skin in the nasal passages, throat, lips and prevents dry, cracked hands.


5. Take High Quality Multi-Vitamins and Fish Oils Daily

Please don’t flush your money down the drain with low quality, non-absorbable and synthetic brand vitamins! I highly recommend dōTERRA’s Life Long Vitality vitamins. If you haven’t started taking them yet, look into them. They are the best vitamins that you can find on the market while getting the most bang for your buck. 


They are whole food, plant based, packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body NEEDS on a daily basis to thrive and keep your immune system boosted. They are doTERRA’s #1 best selling product for a reason and you will thank me once you start taking them and notice the difference. You’ll have more energy, a decrease in aches and pains, more mental clarity and much more. There is also a great children’s chewable vitamin by dōTERRA! 


6. Take a High Quality Probiotic:

Did you know that your gut contains 80% of your immune system and is your first line of defense when you come in contact with a virus?  It is important to have good bacteria inside of your gut. Most people don’t realize that you CAN’T get this solely from your Yoplait Yogurt that has 36g of added sugar in it!!!!dōTERRA offers a great adult as well as children’s probiotic (that tastes like strawberry-watermelon!) that we take daily. 


7. Take Immunomax from Nutritional Frontiers :

1-2 capsules daily of this immune boosting blend helps increase the number of immune cells that your body will need if it comes under attack from environmental threats. It contains maitake mushroom along with olive leaf extract which are powerful immune boosting herbs.


8. Clean and Detox: 

• Wash your hands often and with either OnGuard hand soap or make your own OnGuard hand sanitizing spray. 

Please STOP using triclosan and chemical filled, antibacterial hand soaps and sanitizers (ex: soft soap, bath & body works, ect.) that kills all those good germs that your body needs. These chemical filled soaps/sanitizers also can really dry out your skin. 

• Take our OnGuard hand sanitizer spray out with you wherever you go! It’s a lifesaver.

• Clean your home (don’t forget the doorknobs) with our OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate to kill off any bad germs brought in from school or work. Ditch the toxic alternatives!

• Tell your child to not drink out of water fountains. Send them to school with a stainless steel water bottle.


9. Get Enough Sleep:

One of the most important that most people don’t realize is getting enough sleep. Sleep is the best thing that you can do for your body in order for your body to fight off whatever it comes in contact with. Regular bedtime routines can really help everyone during these rough months. 


10. Seek Chiropractic Care:

Having a properly functioning spine can not only reduce pain (which most people think chiropractic care is for) but it also optimizes the nervous system which can in turn give the immune system a boost. A properly functioning nervous system links the communication from the brain to the other parts of the body. If there is interference or a place where the spine is not allowing the nerves to get the message through, your body will not work at its optimal level. 


Hopefully these tips will keep your family happy and healthier throughout the rest of the cold and flu season! Please feel free to share these tips with those you love! 


If you would like more information on the products mentioned, please contact our office and schedule a free immune system strengthening consultation at 724-354-2617.