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Reversing Chronic Disease Naturally

Lifestyle based medicine offers a whole new way to understand and look at chronic diseases including diabetes, depression, heart disease, hypertension, autoimmune diseases,(remove autism), allergies, anxiety and more. Chronic disease can be an outcome of imbalances in the key underlying physiological systems in your body. When inflammation, blood sugar imbalance, insulin resistance, oxidative stress, hormonal problems, and digestive distress occur for extended periods of time, the body spirals out of balance.

This in conjunction with the poor Standard American Diet, lack of exercise, failure to prioritize sleep, mental/emotional stress, environmental toxins, and other lifestyle issues that create an environment inside the body for chronic disease to develop.

Restore Function Instead of Managing Symptoms.

Conventional medicine focuses on managing symptoms mainly through pharmaceutical intervention, many of which can cause unwanted side effects. By ignoring the environment inside your body that created the condition in the first place, your health will continue to decline and may require higher doses, stronger medication, or more invasive treatments to help (remove you only) manage your symptoms.

Lifestyle based Medicine helps us build health by changing the internal environment that created the symptoms in the first place. By improving your diet, (doing the right types of) exercising, prioritizing and maximizing sleep, managing stress appropriately, and reducing environmental toxicity, you can unleash your body’s innate ability to heal it self.

Lifestyle based Medicine does not treat the individual diseases; it allows us to deal with underlying health dysfunctions in the individual patient. We do not prescribe or alter medications; we restore health. Our program works in conjunction with the patients prescribing doctor who will decide when and if the patient can reduce or eliminate any medication.

At Boyer Chiropractic and Wellness Center, health is being restored:

This is all achieved safely and naturally! 

Do you want to keep managing your symptoms while your health continues to decline or do you want to take control of your health before it takes control of you?

If you are interested in learning more about our lifestyle based medicine and health-coaching program, please contact us for a free 20 minute consultation where we can see if our program is right for you.