dōTERRA Rosemary

Trying to relax? Let the renewing properties of Rosemary oil soothe your body and soul at the end of a long day by creating a relaxing essential oil bath. Adding essential oils to a warm bath can promote a calming, relaxing environment that allows you to take a break both mentally and physically. Combine Rosemary, […]

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dōTERRA Bergamot

If keeping up with summer tasks is bringing you anxious feelings, we have an oil for that! dōTERRA Bergamot is a citrus oil with a light floral scent. It is unique because of its uplifting and calming properties. These unique properties make it ideal to help ease anxious or nervous feelings. “Start your day feeling […]

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Reversing Chronic Disease Naturally

Lifestyle based medicine offers a whole new way to understand and look at chronic diseases including diabetes, depression, heart disease, hypertension, autoimmune diseases,(remove autism), allergies, anxiety and more. Chronic disease can be an outcome of imbalances in the key underlying physiological systems in your body. When inflammation, blood sugar imbalance, insulin resistance, oxidative stress, hormonal […]

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